Leo Van Warmerdam
Director of Training & Development

Leo is from Sacramento, CA and graduated with a B.A. in Organizational Communication from San Diego State University.  He is certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology and is a graduate of Landmark Education.  Leo brings contagious energy as a facilitator and is known by his peers as the “Game Master.”  He is an avid traveler and resides in Venice, California.


Zen Michael

Fulcrum’s most-requested facilitator, Michael’s presence is magnetic. With experience and exceptional skill, he has worked with the whole spectrum of Fulcrum’s clients, ranging from inner-city youth programs, private schools, universities, and corporate accounts, to foster home programs, drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers, juvenile delinquent groups, staff development workshops and after-school curricula. Regardless of the client, Michael’s message and peerless facilitation of ‘self-mastery’ has a profound effect on all of our participants.