Margarita Kouzel
Senior Facilitator

Margarita is one of Fulcrum's most dynamic facilitators. A life coach and private investigator with advanced training in group processing and individual coaching, she masterfully wields metaphors and creates scenarios that support clients in moving through psychological and emotional challenges with improved communication and clear goal setting. As a Fulcrum facilitator she works primarily with school-aged children. She works also with adults, wounded warriors, and patients at recovery programs such as Passages. She is fluent in Italian, proficient in Spanish, loves writing, photography, and relating deeply with others.


Tanya Folsom

Tanya Folsom graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a degree in Psychology with a focus on early childhood education.  She has been designing and delivering leadership development programs for over fifteen years at Fulcrum Leadership Institute and taught at prestigious private schools in Los Angeles and Santa Monica where she has developed and implemented both Regio and leadership curriculum for staff and students.  

She holds certifications from the Association of Challenge Course Technology.  Tanya lives with her husband and daughter in Venice Beach.