Creation and facilitation of positive change in the world


1. Physical & Emotional Safety

Physical & emotional safety is the bedrock of our work. Before participants  "Do. Risk. Grow," we provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for them take risks and step out of their comfort zones. 

2. Unyielding Commitment to Excellence

We assume personal responsibility for achieving ambitious goals and holding ourselves and each other accountable to a high standard of excellence. We walk our talk and live in integrity with what we teach.

3. Authentic Connection

We intentionally unite our humanity with each individual we encounter. We stand ready to acknowledge and support their greatness.

4. Seeing the Greatness in Others

We focus on the unique gift of each individual. We support them in confronting challenges as a way to realize their full potential

5. Service as a Way of Life

We hold service to be a high calling. We live in service to every client, to every participant, and to each other.